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Types of Room

No. Available

1.Class Rooms

2.Science Labs

3.Computer  Labs(Sr,Sec + Secondary +Primary)


5. Jr. Science Lab

6.Art  Room

7.Math Lab

8.Activity  Room

9.Resource Room

10.Music  Room

11.Scout & Guide Room

12.Staff  Room(Primary +Secondary)

13.Vice Principal Room

14.Head Masters Room

15. Principal Room

















As Vidyalaya has been growing rapidly over the years, the need has been felt for better facilities in the primary section. Plans for a new primary section have been sent to the SDO (Civil), for approval.

Class Rooms

35 large class rooms with all electrical fittings and furniture Green boards and dustless chalks provided in each classrooms

Science Labs

3 large labs with all necessary equipments provided to student having enough charts and equipments to making learning by doing an interesting experience.

Junior Science Lab

In 2000 Jr. Science Lab became functional. Sufficient equipment provided to enable students of Class VI-X to learn by doing and increase observation skills.


Big spacious room with every modern facility. Approximately 2013-2014 11700 books.

LCD, projectors and CD corner being developed. The library is well equipped with newspapers periodicals providing a vast treasure house of knowledge for the learners and the teachers.

Resource room

Equipped with all teaching aids, the resource room provides all the help required to make a lesson interesting to the learners. It is also a hub for exchange of ideas and the updating of the computers teaching in the classrooms.

Computer labs

Three computer labs are at present available with 54–computers at learners disposal. An internet facility, video conferencing, makes interactive learning possible in vidyalaya.

All kinds of softwares are available in the computer labs to enable students to prepare projects. Children and teachers are encouraged to work on projects on

Sports and games

The vidyalaya has ample space for the development of sports and games.

For primary section the vidyalaya has provided sturdy swings, sliders, climbing frames and see-saw. It is a pleasure to watch the young ones having an enjoyable experience and learning social skills in interacting with each other. For secondary section all necessary games equipment are provided by the vidyalaya for developing physical fitness in the students. The vidyalaya has volley-ball court; acres of land are being leveled and cleared to develop full sized racing tracks. Indoor games are not neglected. A table-tennis table has been provided for children to improve their skills. Chess-boards are there for anyone who wishes to play. The cricket equipments is much in demand. The vidyalaya boasts of two cricket teams and a hockey-team. Skating is another sport that has been developed in the vidyalaya. Two students have represented the region at the nationals